Swim Teams

The I’On Club is the home of the Summer Storms! Our summer swim team is part of the East Cooper Swim League and practices from May to mid-July, with swim meets starting in June. For ages 5-18 years old, the Summer Storms is a great way to become a stronger swimmer, make new friends, and have FUN!


Swimmers must be between the ages of 5-18 years old on June 1st. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards (1 length of the pool) freestyle and 25 yards backstroke without any assistance (no touching the bottom of the pool or holding the wall or lane rope).

Practice Schedule:

We believe summer swim team should be fun and flexible and we understand kids participate in other summer activities like camp and family vacations. We do not require a practice minimum. You may come to as many or few practices as your schedule allows. Just keep in mind, what you put into it is what you’ll get out of it!

Swim Lessons

I’On Club offers private, semi-private, and group swim lessons.

Private swim lessons (1 swimmer : 1 instructor), semi-private swim lessons (2 swimmers : 1 instructor), and group swim lessons (3-5 swimmers : 1 instructor) are available for adults and children of all ages and ability levels. Whether learning to swim or perfecting stroke technique, lessons are customized to the individual. Private lessons are perfect for swimmers with specific needs, goals, fears, or trouble focusing.

If your child would benefit from positive peer pressure, consider semi-private or group swim lessons (swimmers at similar ability levels recommended). Create your own semi-private or group with family and friends! Another benefit of swim lessons at the I’On Club is the convenience to schedule lessons directly with your instructor at your preferred days and times. All swim lessons are half an hour.

Other Swim Programs

Take Your Mark

Get ready for the Summer Storms with our new “Take Your Mark” prep program!

This 4-week clinic in April is for children 5-12 years old who want to get a head start on the summer swim team season. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches prepare swimmers whether they have swim team experience and feeling rusty from the winter, or new to competitive swimming and will try-out for the first time. Practices focus on technique and designed to build endurance, speed, and confidence in the water.

 Innter Tube Water Polo

Inner Tube Water Polo is a fun variation of the traditional sport of water polo with the important difference of players float in inflatable inner tubes! By floating in an inner tube and bouncing off each other like bumper cars, players experience less contact and expend less energy not having to tread water. This allows casual players without any experience to enjoy this fun, social, and exciting game!

Teams consist of 6 players, but may play with a minimum of 4 players. All players must sit in a horizontal position, facing up inside the inner tube. Players move the ball by pushing it in the water, holding it between their knees, gripping it with one or both hands, pressing it against their body, or holding it in their lap.

Faster & Further

Does your child want to keep swimming after the summer swim team season is over, but not ready or interested in a USA Swimming year-round team? Try our new Faster & Further program! Practices will include drills to work on stroke technique and focus on taking endurance and speed to the next level. Swimmers will also learn how to read and use a pace clock for interval training.

Summer Swim Games

Summer Swim Games are the perfect way to complete your summer. Offered in late July and August, this program provides organized swim games and exciting challenges for swimmers ages 5-14. Games include silly relays, underwater scavenger hunts, noodle raft races, and many more to keep kids moving, learning, and having FUN!

Aquatics Workouts

Deep Water Fitness

Get ready to make waves because this class is no lazy river! This vertical water fitness class kicks up the intensity and offers an extra challenging workout in the deep end of the pool. Combining cardio and strength training, the new Deep Water class is a high endurance workout, excellent for toning muscles, burning fat, and enhancing flexibility. 

Included with your I’On Club membership, Deep Water is complimentary for I’On Club Members.

Water Fitness

Enjoy one of our most popular fitness classes throughout the year! Water Fitness has many health benefits, including improvements to muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Exercises are low-impact, putting less stress on your joints while providing both a cardio and strength training workout. In addition to using the water’s natural resistance, classes incorporate other equipment like water dumbbells and fitness noodles. Classes can be as challenging as you like and fun for all fitness levels. 

Included with your I’On Club membership, Water Fitness is complimentary for I’On Club Members.

Lunch Laps

It’s no secret that swimming is the best full-body workout for your health. Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise with countless physical and mental benefits, swimming improves cardiovascular health, strength and endurance, reduces blood pressure, builds bone mass, boosts metabolism, improves mood and sleep, and may even lengthen your life. If you want to incorporate swimming into your workout routine, but need motivation, direction, or camaraderie, join other adults for a coached swim practice! Lunch Laps provides different swim sets each day incorporating technique drills and interval training. Great for Masters swimmers, triathletes, and non-competitors alike – all levels welcome.

Included with your I’On Club membership, Lunch Laps is complimentary for I’On Club Members. 


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