Swim Teams

The I’On Club offers two different swim teams for children ages 5-18 years old. The summer swim team, I’On Summer Storms, is part of the East Cooper Swim League and competes against other teams in the league and finishes the season with a Championship Swim Meet against all teams. The fall swim team, I’On Fall Hurricanes, is not associated with a league and focuses more on individual improvement and personal achievements. The summer swim team season lasts from early May to mid-July and the fall swim team season lasts from early September through October.


Swimmers must be between the ages of 5-18 years old and must be able to swim 25 yards (1 length of the pool) freestyle and 25 yards backstroke without any assistance (no touching the bottom of the pool, holding the wall, or lane rope).

Practice Schedule:

Practices are held in the evening and typically offered 3-5 days a week. We understand children participate in other activities and I’On swim teams do not require a practice minimum. We aim to be fun and flexible for our families.

Swim Lessons

Private swim lessons (1 swimmer : 1 instructor), semi-private swim lessons (2 swimmers : 1 instructor), and group swim lessons (3-5 swimmers : 1 instructor) are available for adults and children of all ages and ability levels. Whether learning to swim or perfecting stroke technique, lessons are customized to the individual. Members also have the convenience to schedule lessons directly with their specific instructor. All swim lessons are half an hour.

Other Swim Programs

Take Your Mark

“Take Your Mark” is our summer swim team prep program offered in April for children 5-12 years old. Great for swimmers who want to get a head start on their summer swim team season: whether they are new to competitive swimming and will try-out for a team for the first time, or have swim team experience and just feeling rusty from the winter. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches focus on building endurance, speed, and confidence in the water.

Innter Tube Water Polo

Inner Tube Water Polo is a fun variation of the traditional sport of water polo with the major difference of playing while in an inflatable inner tube! Players experience less contact and expend less energy not having to tread water, allowing casual players to enjoy this fun, social, and exciting game.

Aquatics Workouts
Water Fitness

Enjoy one of our most popular fitness classes throughout the year! Exercises are low-impact, putting less stress on your joints while providing both a cardio and strength training workout. In addition to using the water’s natural resistance, classes incorporate other equipment like water dumbbells and fitness noodles. Classes can be as challenging as you like and fun for all fitness levels.

Deep Water Fitness

Combining cardio and strength training, the Deep Water kicks up the intensity and offers an extra challenging workout in the deep end of the pool. This class is a high endurance workout, excellent for toning muscles, burning fat, and enhancing flexibility.

Lunch Laps

If you want to incorporate swimming into your workout routine, but need motivation, direction, or camaraderie, join other adults for a coached swim practice. Lunch Laps provides different swim sets each day incorporating technique drills and interval training. Great for Masters’ swimmers, triathletes, and non-competitors alike.


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